Natural Oak Wood Slat Panels – Like a Bossanova Home

Natural Oak Wood Slat Panels

LABH Wood Slat panels transform your space by adding interest and warmth to your space. Easily create an accent or feature wall in your home. Our Natural Oak adds a subtle touch of warmth, while still having a light and airy aesthetic. 

Panels are 23.6" wide and come in two lengths - 94.5" and 118.1". The slats are backed with 0.38” PET felt that reduces echoes and dampens sound, all while being made with 100% recyclable materials. 

Free shipping on all orders over $450 within Canada. 

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    Each sample is 4 3/4" x 5 7/8” allowing you to truly see the beautiful colour and grain, and to see which one is best for your home.

    Wall and Ceiling


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